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AWS Databases: The Big Picture

by Craig Golightly

The way you store and organize data can either limit or enhance your capabilities. This course covers use cases for different types of databases, an overview of AWS database services, and what you need to know to become a database specialist.

What you'll learn

Data is one of the most valuable assets for organizations. How you store and organize that data can either enhance or limit what you can do. In this course, AWS Databases: The Big Picture, you’ll learn to choose the best database for the job and identify which AWS service you can leverage for your implementation. First, you’ll explore use cases for different database types. Next, you’ll discover the AWS services that implement different types of databases. Finally, you’ll learn what is involved with being a database specialist - including design, maintenance, optimization, and troubleshooting. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of AWS Databases needed to use the right tool for the job based on your data and application needs.

About the author

Craig is passionate about solving problems with the right tools. He has over 20 years of software development experience with large enterprises and small startups on everything from search engines to fighter jets. He has a bachelor's and master's degree in computer science with extensive experience in AWS, microservices, and artificial intelligence. Craig enjoys teaching and mentoring others so they can save time and accomplish their goals faster.

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