AWS Developer: Lambda Deep Dive

by Dror Helper

With AWS Lambda, a developer can write scalable, fault-tolerant code that runs in the cloud without provisioning or managing servers. This course teaches how to create, deploy, and manage event-driven, serverless applications using AWS Lambda.

What you'll learn

Writing scalable, fault-tolerant, and responsive programs is hard, and on top of that you’re expected to know exactly how many servers, CPUs, and how much memory your code will need to run – especially when running in the Cloud. In this course, AWS Developer: Lambda Deep Dive, you will learn how to harness event-driven, cost-efficient functions that scale on demand to perform tasks without provisioning or managing servers. First, you’ll learn how to create serverless applications using AWS Lambda functions. Next, you'll learn how to use step functions to coordinate complex flows. Finally, you’ll learn how to manage and deploy Lambda functions in production and even run them on your local machine. When you’re finished with this course you will have a good understanding of AWS Lambda functions that will help you create event-driven, serverless applications.

Table of contents

Course Overview

About the author

Dror is a Software developer, architect, and consultant who likes to help software developers write better code. He's a public speaker and blogger. Dror teaches, mentors, and writes code using clean code principles, TDD, and BDD.

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