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AWS Developer: Getting Started with DynamoDB

by Abhaya Chauhan

Amazon DynamoDB is a fully managed fast and flexible NoSQL database service. This course will provide you a good understanding of how the service works, and the best way to leverage it, while avoiding the common pitfalls.

What you'll learn

Getting up and started quickly is very important when delivering software. DynamoDB, being a full managed service in AWS, enables exactly this. In this course, AWS: Developer: Getting Started with DynamoDB, you'll learn how DynamoDB works under the covers. First, you'll explore the the very basics, and then move onto modeling a system in DynamoDB, to ensure it provides reliable performance and scalability. Next, you'll gain an understanding of the capabilities DynamoDB offers, such as Triggers. Finally, you'll learn all about Time to Live and DynamoDB Accelerator. When you are finished with this course, you'll have a solid grasp of DynamoDB as a service, the power it offers you, and understanding how to leverage it, while avoiding its common pitfalls.

Table of contents

Course Overview
Capacity Units and Consistency Models

About the author

Abhaya Chauhan started his career 15 years ago building software to manage the hardware for one of the busiest car parks in Australia. Since then, he has worked in a range of industries, building distributed systems, and specialising in simplifying complex problems. He has a strong passion for learning, enjoys teaching and speaking at conferences. Currently working at PageUp as a Senior Technical Advisor based in Melbourne, Australia.

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