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Implementing Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)

by Reza Salehi

This course gives you all the required information to start using AWS Elastic Block Store (EBS) volumes with your EC2 instances. Pricing tiers, optimizing performance, implementing security, and taking point-in-time backups are covered as well.

What you'll learn

Elastic Block Store (EBS) is Amazon's block storage offering for EC2 instances. Choosing the right configuration for EBS volumes can be tricky. In this course, Implementing Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS), you will gain the ability to provision EBS volumes for your EC2 instances. First, you will learn to choose the best EBS volume type for your budget and workload. Next, you will discover how to create point-in-time backups for disaster recovery. Finally, you will explore how to secure your EBS volumes and also leverage AWS Lambda to handle EBS related events. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of implementing Elastic Block Store (EBS) needed to effectively use EBS volumes with your EC2 instances.

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About the author

Reza is a cloud consultant and a Microsoft Certified Trainer alumni. He started professional software development and training over two decades ago and is passionate about cloud technologies. Reza continues to help his clients moving to the cloud and loves to share his passion for the cloud with the developers and software architects through training.

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