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Managing Connected Devices with AWS IoT Device Management

by Neeraj Kumar

AWS IoT brings along new improved and smart business propositions. There is a surge in the demand to design, deploy, and manage IoT solutions and connected devices, This course will help in building a complete understanding of the same.

What you'll learn

Is your business in need of a tool that can run and securely operate somewhere between one to one million devices? In this course, Managing Connected Devices with AWS IoT Device Management, you’ll learn about how AWS IoT Device Management helps you oversee your IoT network in a way that makes sense for your business. First, you'll learn how devices are registered and secured using AWS portal. Next, you'll discover the AWS IoT security model, and how it enforces security by default so that the devices can securely communicate. Finally, you'll explore how to implement and manage authentication for the connected devices to securely communicate with other applications and perform its own monitored status protocols. When you’re finished with this course, you'll not only be able to implement some best practices needed to securely control connected devices with AWS IoT Device management, but you’ll also be able to perform ongoing device maintenance for your AWS IoT application.

About the author

Neeraj is an Azure Enthusiast, Enterprise Architect, and Technical Program Manager. With an IT experience spanning 21 years, Neeraj is leading high-end programs focused on digital and cloud services by architecting and designing solutions and infrastructure on Azure that includes, but not limited to Cognitive Services, Data Science, IoT, Cloud Migrations, etc. to benefit business by maximizing their RoI. Neeraj is a certified Azure Architect, Administrator, and IoT Developer and is passionate ab... more

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