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How to Create and Use Lambda Layers Using AWS

by Andru Estes

Learn how to Create and Use Lambda Layers Using AWS!

What you'll learn

In this tutorial, Principal Training Architect Andru Estes goes over how to easily package and reuse code across organizations and accounts using Lambda layers. You’ll learn how to:

  • Navigate the AWS console to create a Lambda layer
  • Implement and test a custom virus scanning tool outside of Python’s default run-time
  • Use your Lambda layer to scan objects that get placed into an S3 bucket

Table of contents

How to Create and Use Lambda Layers Using AWS

About the author

Andru is an experienced architect and engineer who has had many years of hands on experience with numerous cloud and virtualization technologies. Learning the newest technologies is what really drives him, and it is icing on the cake that he has the ability to teach others how to use what he has learned. Teaching the skill sets he has acquired can have lasting impacts on students, and that to him is amazing.

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