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Implementing AWS Load Balancing

by Mike Pfeiffer

If you want to implement highly available and scalable applications on the AWS cloud platform, you'll need to understand how the Elastic Load Balancing service works. This course delves into that service and how to deploy load balancers on AWS.

What you'll learn

Load balancing services are a core component of highly available application architectures in the cloud. In this course, Implementing AWS Load Balancing, you’ll learn how to deploy Elastic Load Balancers on the AWS cloud platform. First, you’ll explore the load balancing service from a high-level. Next, you’ll discover how each of the different load balancer types work. Finally, you’ll learn how to deploy load balancers to support multiple scenarios on AWS. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills to effectively work with the Elastic Load Balancing service and you'll be ready to build load balancers of your own on AWS.

About the author

Mike Pfeiffer is a twenty year IT industry veteran, published author, and international conference speaker. He's a former architect for Amazon Web Services and engineer for Microsoft. Today Pfeiffer serves as Chief Technologist at

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