Building a Voice-enabled Serverless Website with AWS Polly

by Raluca Bolovan

With all the new technology trends like AI, Serverless, and DevOps, tieing everything together can be overwhelming. In this course, you'll not only demystify this process but also see how using voice can save you time and keep your users engaged.

What you'll learn

With the abundance of information available, it’s becoming exponentially harder to keep your users’ focus on the content you have relentlessly created. With the emergence of AWS Polly, you can breathe life into your ideas, by choosing the most evocative voice to convey your message. In this course, Building a Voice-enabled Serverless Website with AWS Polly, you’ll go through the journey of designing, building, and automating your content website, with the result of enriching your users’ experience. First, you'll explore what makes AWS Polly special and why it is the right choice for building a close interaction with your audience. Next, you'll experience the iterative process of coming up with an architecture for your website that resonates with the intent to serve your users. You'll start with the fundamentals of setting up the infrastructure for the website, ranging from local development to seeing and hearing your creation deployed on the Web. By combining concepts like Serverless computing, Infrastructure as code, CI/CD, you'll see how these new trends can be used together to save you time and make your applications resilient. Then, you'll iteratively improve the way the speech gets generated, with the help of AWS Lambda. Finally, you'll unearth new possibilities of extending and creating other voice-enabled architectures for captivating your audience. When you're finished with this course, you'll have a clear understanding of how you can use Polly to automatically narrate your content, your own functional serverless website that you can customize, and a good foundation to confidently create other applications using emerging tech methodologies.

About the author

Ralu Bolovan is a DevOps engineer specializing in cloud computing, with a penchant for AWS. She runs her own consultancy company, and her clients have included Fortune 500, e-commerce and FinTech companies. She has worked in her career so far in most aspects of technology roles, ranging from front-end development with Django and JavaScript to back-end with microservices in Java 8 and Postgres and more recently as a DevOps engineer and Solutions Architect on AWS, focusing on introducing and enhan... more

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