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Building Web Applications with the AWS SDK for Go

by Mark Richman

AWS is the most popular cloud computing provider in the world. This course will teach you to build a full-featured web application written in Go, integrating it with several popular AWS services.

What you'll learn

With AWS leading the market in cloud platform technology, and the Go programming language surging in popularity, there is ever-growing demand for the intersection of these skills. In this course, Building Web Applications with the AWS SDK for Go, you'll learn to utilize the power of the AWS platform, building high performance and highly scalable web applications, written in Go. First, you'll dive into user authentication using Cognito. Next, you'll learn to use DynamoDB, a powerful NoSQL database, for data storage. Finally, you'll cover deploying a web application to AWS using Elastic Beanstalk, along with best practices for logging and monitoring with CloudWatch. By the end of this course, you'll have a solid foundation upon which to build your own cloud-native web applications in Go, running on AWS.

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About the author

Mark Richman has spent over 20 years building complex enterprise software that spans multiple industries. Mark has held key roles in the e-commerce industry, spanning development, project management, product management, and marketing. He is passionate about cloud computing and agile software development, specifically Amazon Web Services and the Go programming language. Mark is an avid writer and speaker, and is the author of several commercial publications. Mark holds a bachelor degree in Comput... more

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