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AWS Cloud Security Best Practices

by Joseph Hunsaker

Security is job zero. Start out on the right foot with AWS Security Checklist. Learn the basics for securing your OS to live in EC2, understand why infrastructure segmentation is critical for security, and move your org to the cloud with the AWS CAF.

What you'll learn

Prevent a breach of security. Protect against data loss or misuse. Keep from ruining your company's reputation. Keep the hackers out! In this course, AWS Cloud Security Best Practices, you will gain the ability to secure your organization’s AWS cloud applications. First, you will learn the fundamentals in the AWS Security Checklist. Next, you will discover what is needed for an operating system to run securely in the cloud, and how to segment AWS infrastructure for maximum security. Finally, you will explore how the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) can help your organization move the entire business to the cloud. When you're finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of AWS Security needed to secure your organization’s applications in the cloud.

About the author

Joseph Hunsaker is a software architect, consultant and entrepreneur. He has consulted for financial companies from the Fortune 500 and for the United States Armed Forces. Joseph takes coding seriously. He enjoys studying mathematics, and its application to machine learning and artificial intelligence. You can read more from on his blog You can reach him on Twitter @seriouscoderone

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