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AWS Security Fundamentals

by Keith Townsend

There is plenty of uncertainty and doubt around AWS security. This course will set the record straight and help you understand how to secure your AWS infrastructure.

What you'll learn

There's an abundance of uncertainty around security in the cloud. Many of the security fears surrounding public cloud and specifically AWS, are myths. Through this course, AWS Security Fundamentals, you'll understand AWS security capabilities. First, you will delve into the wide range of security scenarios AWS supports. Next, you'll receive a practical walk-through of the AWS security console. Last, the course will present an example compliance challenge and demonstrate how AWS fulfills the requirements. When you are complete, you'll have the skills to implement your organization's security policies within AWS.

About the author

Keith Townsend is a technology consultant with more than 18 years of related experience designing, implementing, and managing data center technologies. His areas of expertise include virtualization, networking, and storage solutions for Fortune 500 organizations. He holds a BA in computing and a MS in information technology from DePaul University. In addition to his personal site, Keith writes for leading publications that include TechTarget and TechRepublic. Keith also does independent consulti... more

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