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Introduction to AWS Cloud Security

by Jordan Yankovich

Amazon Web Services is a leading cloud provider offering scalable cloud solutions worldwide. This course will teach you the basics of creating a secure cloud environment within AWS that can increase your data protection and application revenue.

What you'll learn

Everyday more applications adopt the AWS cloud causing an exponential demand for cloud security to protect and scale enterprises. In this course, Introduction To AWS Cloud Security, you will gain the ability to create a secure cloud environment within AWS. First, you will see an overview of foundational AWS service offerings and how they relate to the security of your infrastructure. Next, you will discover how to protect your cloud data and enable secure communication between cloud services. Finally, you will explore how to maintain a secure enterprise cloud environment with cutting edge logging and monitoring solutions. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of AWS needed to create a secure cloud environment.

About the author

Jordan is a digital consultant for a leading top-tier management consulting firm. Jordan specializes in enterprise software development and delivery in the the latest cloud ecosystems. He often uses pop-culture references and analogies to describe software paradigms and frameworks. Jordan has created and led teams to create scalable applications for business sectors such as telecommunications, automotive, field force automation, construction management, and healthcare. Jordan travels across the ... more

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