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AWS Security Operations: Designing for Acceptable Risk and Compliance

by Mark Wilkins

This course demonstrates how to utilize AWS security services and features to stay safe and compliant while operating in the AWS Cloud using recommended security best practices.

What you'll learn

Many companies are moving their applications and infrastructure services to AWS. Designing with a security mindset when considering all aspects of your AWS deployment is essential to ensure your cloud solution follows the best practices in governance, security operations, and acceptable risk. In this course, AWS Security Operations: Designing for Acceptable Risk and Compliance, you'll learn the most up-to-date knowledge of designing your AWS solutions utilizing security best practices. First, you will learn how to define and deploy resources based on the defined level of acceptable risk and compliance requirements for your company. Next, you will also learn what security tools are available and what role each tool plays in managing security at AWS. Finally, you will learn suggested best practices on planning your security and compliance model for your AWS deployment. When you're finished with this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge needed to define how compliance and security is designed and implemented when operating workloads in the AWS cloud.

About the author

Mark is a former electronic design technologist turned Microsoft and IBM SoftLayer cloud geek spending many years designing deploying and supporting software and hardware technology in the corporate and small business world. As course director for Global Knowledge (GK), Mark developed and taught many technical seminars including Configuring Active Directory Services, Configuring Group Policy, and Cloud and Virtualization Essentials. Mark also developed courseware for the Microsoft Official Cur... more

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