Turning Speech into Text on AWS with Amazon Transcribe

by Tom Compagno

Drive more power and efficiency into your organization's processes, by converting recorded audio into searchable and consumable text. Listening is easy, but being able to leverage actual text is a more useful medium in today's act-on-it world.

What you'll learn

Digital recorded audio is a useful storage medium, but quickly becomes useless when it needs to be consumed quickly. In this course, Turning Speech into Text on AWS with Amazon Transcribe, you’ll gain the ability to leverage and scale the AWS Transcribe service to convert your recorded speech into flat text data. First, you’ll explore manual runs of transcription jobs. Next, you’ll discover how to scale up the process for higher impact transcriptions across your organization. Finally, you’ll learn how to combine transcription with AWS Translate to add even more flexibility for your global needs. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to alleviate the need to have people manually listen to and transcribe or translate recorded speech.

About the author

Tom is a veteran developer and a practical architect with over 19 years of experience building products. He loves diving into new technologies and finding solutions to new and old problems.

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