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DevOps with Azure API Management

by Mohammed Osman

Azure API Management is a great asset to manage an organization's APIs. This course will teach you how to apply DevOps practices to your Azure API Management.

What you'll learn

Automating the development and deployment of cloud resources is a crucial step for an agile business. In this course, DevOps with Azure API Management, you'll learn to implement DevOps practices on Azure API Management. First, you'll explore how to replicate existing Azure API Management configurations to a different environment. Next, you'll discover how to automate Azure API Management deployments using Azure DevOps. Finally, you'll learn how to integrate new API changes to your API Management using source control. When you're finished with this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge of DevOps with Azure API Management needed to implement a successful DevOps flow for Azure API Management.

About the author

Mohammed Osman is a senior software engineer who started coding at the age of 13. Mohammed worked in various industries, including telecommunication, accounting, banking, health, and assurance. Mohammed's core skillset is a .NET ecosystem with a strong focus on C#, Azure, and Data Science. Mohammed also enjoys the soft-side of software engineering and leads scrum teams. Mohammed runs a blog with the message "Making your code smart and your career smarter." He shares tips and techniques to improv... more

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