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Building an Azure Continuous Integration Pipeline

by David O'Brien

Continuous integration is just as important for infrastructure as it is for software. This course will teach how to create continuous integration pipelines with Visual Studio Team Services for Microsoft Azure.

What you'll learn

Deploying infrastructure to the Cloud is not easy and often results in errors and leads to overtime on weekends. The concept of continuous integration applied to infrastructure will solve a lot of those issues. In this course, Building an Azure Continuous Integration Pipeline, you'll learn foundational test and build automation skills that will get you to a point where you can continuously deploy infrastructure on Azure. First, you'll explore the basics of Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) builds. Next, you'll discover how to create your own VSTS Linux build agent in order to then later create a fully tested Windows deployment artifact. Then, you'll cover how to secure deployment secrets with the help of Azure Key Vault. Finally, you'll learn how to release your new infrastructure artifact into production, fully hands off. When you are finished with this course you'll be able to apply this new knowledge to your own infrastructure needs on Azure.

About the author

David O'Brien is a regular speaker at international conferences on topics all around automation of the Microsoft technology stack. He has been in the IT industry for almost 10 years and is a 5-year Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Cloud and Datacenter technologies. His experience is backed by large-scale IT projects across Europe and Australia where his main objective has always been to automate as much as possible and bring people along on the journey to full-stack automation in t... more

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