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Cloud Design Patterns for Azure: Design and Implementation

by Barry Luijbregts

Cloud Design Patterns provide best practice solutions to common software design problems. You are probably using a lot of them already. Now it's time to learn everything about them.

What you'll learn

When building and designing applications for the cloud you need to overcome a lot of challenges, like working with configuration, authentication, and authorization. In this course, Cloud Design Patterns for Azure: Design and Implementation, you'll learn the design patterns that enable you to design your cloud-based applications to handle configuration, authentication, and authorization of resources. First, you'll discover how to delegate authentication and user management to an external system with the Federated Identity pattern. Next, you'll explore how to offload work securely with the Valet Key pattern. Finally, you'll learn how to provide an extra layer of security with the Gatekeeper pattern. When you've finished this course, you'll have a foundational knowledge of the design patterns that will help you to design and build modern cloud-based applications.

About the author

Barry is an independent software architect and developer with a passion for the cloud. He is also a Pluralsight author and a podcast host. He has worked for lots of companies throughout the last decades and is keen to share his knowledge with the community. He has a broad and deep knowledge of the Microsoft stack with a special interest on web technology and the cloud. He currently teaches people about the benefits of the cloud. You can reach Barry on Twitter @AzureBarry and through his website... more

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