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Elastic Scaling on Microsoft Azure

by Zoiner Tejada

Learn about elastic scale and how to automate your Azure scaling needs with WASABi.

What you'll learn

So you've spent the last few months building the next killer website, have you given much thought to your success? Specifically, have you thought about how your Cloud Services are going to respond to the load generated by your success? Azure has always provided the ability to scale your resources up or down, aka elastic scale, but do you actually know how to accomplish this? Automatically? Take this course to understand the core concepts surrounding elastic scale, and learn how you can use Enterprise Library 5's Autoscaling Application Block to automate your scaling in response to demand, without blowing out your budget.

About the author

Zoiner Tejada is the president and chief problem solver at TejadaNET, providing strategic guidance to enterprises and startups leveraging cutting edge cloud technologies from Microsoft. He is passionate about leveraging cloud technologies and WindowsAzure services to build web based solutions that run at scale. He is a Windows Azure MVP, an advisor to Microsoft, and enjoys engaging the greater community by speaking at conferences and user group meetings, teaching at UCSD, as well as via his rece... more

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