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Getting Started with Azure Event Hubs with C#

by Paul Mooney

Event Hubs facilitate big data applications by moving large volumes of data efficiently. This course teaches you the core concepts and design patterns of Event Hubs, starting with a simple example and working toward an Internet of Things application.

What you'll learn

At the core of big data is a thorough knowledge of large-scale data transfer mechanisms. In this course, Getting Started with Azure Event Hubs with C#, you'll learn how to leverage Event Hubs to transfer data from multiple sources in parallel, at hyper scale. First, you'll discover data transfer design patterns. Next, you'll explore integrating your .NET applications with Event Hubs through state-of-the-art web protocols. Finally, you'll experience building well-balanced applications composed of parallel tiers and exhibiting fluid data-flow. When you’re finished with this course, you'll have a foundational understanding of hyperscale systems that will help you as you scale your applications to handle exponentially increasing data volumes at a global scale.

About the author

Paul is a Microsoft MVP with a proven track-record delivering exceptionally high-quality software across several industries. Paul is creator of the Encrypted Token Web Security Design Pattern, and ARMOR, its .NET implementation. He is the #1-rated C# developer in Ireland per GitHub Awards, a Microsoft Build 2013 Hackathon finalist, a contributing member of OWASP, and host of insidethecpu.com. Paul has a proven track-record as a mentor and leader, and is focused on delivering technical excellence... more

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