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Getting Started with Azure Machine Learning

by Jerry Kurata

Machine learning helps predict the weather, route you around traffic jams, and display personalized ads on your web pages. In this course, you will learn how to use Azure machine learning in order to create, deploy, and maintain predictive solutions.

What you'll learn

Every day you see more and more examples of machine learning in your life.

In this course, Getting Started with Azure Machine Learning, you will learn how to develop and deploy predictive solutions using Azure Machine Learning.

In this Microsoft Azure Machine Learning tutorial you will learn:

  • How, with a little dragging and dropping, you can create solutions from scratch.
  • Next, if you already have a solution implemented in R or Python, you will learn how to scale them up with Azure Machine Learning.
  • Finally, you'll end the course by learning about how to maintain your Azure Machine Learning solution.

After finishing this course, you'll have gone from a machine learning novice to having a prediction solution service ready to integrate into your applications to make them smarter and more useful.

About the author

Jerry has Bachelor of Science degrees in Geology and Physics. His plans to work in the oil exploration industry were sidetracked when he discovered he preferred to work with computers on simulation and data processing, instead of reading mud and core samples in the North Sea. His love of computers and tech resulted in him spending many additional hours working on computers while getting his Master’s degree in Computer Science. His current areas of interests include Machine Learning, Big Data,... more

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