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Azure Scripting, Operations, and Automation for 70-533

by John Savill

Azure has a vast array of capabilities and using the correct management technologies is critical to ensure the optimal operation and security of deployed solutions. This course can also be used as a resource for the 70-533 exam.

What you'll learn

When starting with Azure it is very common to utilize the Azure portal which is very intuitive and exposes a range of functionality. However, limits are quickly reached. In this course, Azure Scripting, Operations, and Automation for 70-533, you will explore the management technologies used with Azure, including PowerShell and the Azure CLI to enable efficient and automated actions. First, you will learn about Azure's numerous management services. Next, you will explore how to use these services to assist with disaster recovery, security, patching, and inventory. Finally, you will discover the overall best practices which can be used for services in and outside of Azure. When you're finished with this course, you will have the foundational knowledge to choose the correct management technology and also have the required skills for the 70-533 exam.

About the author

John Savill is an 11-time MVP, Chief Architect and he holds many Microsoft certifications including Azure Infrastructure and Azure Architecture specialist. John was the author of the original FAQ for Windows and posts multiple videos a week to his YouTube channel John has written nine books on Microsoft technologies and in his spare time enjoys training for IRONMAN events.

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