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Jul 17, 2017
2h 21m

Event-based applications, internet of things projects, and online games can generate a vast amount of event and telemetry data. Querying and analyzing these event streams and being able to provide updates and visualization in real-time will add enormous value to your solutions. In this course, Understanding Azure Stream Analytics, you'll explore the functionality of Azure Stream Analytics, creating SQL like queries to analyze telemetry and event data. First, you'll learn how to integrate these query jobs with other Azure services so that they can receive telemetry from a driving game, and send the query results to a number of different services. Next, you'll explore data and business intelligence tools to visualize the output data created by stream analytics. Finally, you'll dive into a scenario for this course, which will use telemetry data created during the Global Azure Bootcamp racing game lab to provide real-world telemetry and lap data for examples. By the end of this course, you'll have the necessary knowledge to leverage Azure Stream Analytics in messaging and telemetry.

About the author
About the author

Alan Smith is a Windows Azure developer, trainer, mentor and evangelist at Active Solution in Stockholm. He has a strong hands-on philosophy and focusses on embracing the power and flexibility of cloud computing to deliver engaging and exciting demos.

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