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Jul 15, 2014
2h 5m

In this TurbulenceFD tutorial, we'll learn how to create a ballistic hit within CINEMA 4D using TurbulenceFD to help with our fire/smoke simulation.

  • In preparation to use TurbulenceFD, we'll go through the many steps of setting up our ship to animate as it's being ''hit" by a ballistics object.
  • We'll then utilize TurbulenceFD to help us react to this ''hit'' with fire and smoke.
  • Using CINEMA 4D's rigid body dynamics, we'll implement debris being struck and falling away.
  • By using TurbulenceFD's emitter tags, we can then combine CINEMA 4D's dynamics with TurbulenceFD's simulation to give the effect of an explosion from a damaged engine.
Software required: Cinema 4D 15, TurbulenceFD, and After Effects.
About the author
About the author

Andy Lefton began his career right out of College as a medical animator and has passionately built his experience over 10 years into a Jack of all Trades digital artist.

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