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Jun 25, 2013
2h 10m

There's a good chance almost everyone you know is on Facebook. Over 1 billion people in the world use Facebook today. That means most of your customers probably use it. Therefore your apps should be using it as well. In this course by Jesse Stay, you'll go beyond the fundamentals and create a fully-functioning app in JavaScript that integrates social design principles and makes your app a much less lonely experience. If you're looking to promote your app, this is the easiest way to build an app that naturally promotes itself and grows on its own!

About the author
About the author

Jesse is a speaker, author, developer, and entrepreneur. He wrote four books on social technologies, and was named one of 20 developers to follow by Entrepreneur Magazine. Jesse manages social media accounts in the hundreds of thousands of fans. Jesse currently leads social strategy for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and consults for companies big and small.

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Section Introduction Transcripts
Section Introduction Transcripts

Understanding Graph API
If you're taking this course I probably peaked your curiosity about what you can do with code in Facebook. With over one billion active users, there's a good chance you're one of them and are at least somewhat familiar with the rich data of people, things, and relationships between them available on the service. Guess what? You can access all that data through an interface Facebook provides to developers. This interface is call Graph API. Welcome to Introduction to Facebook Graph API, a course for all developers looking to figure out how to think socially, building your software. I'm Jesse Stay, I'll be your instructor for this course. You can find me at staynalive. com that's stay letter N alive. com and at Facebook at Facebook. com/stay. Be sure to join other developers taking this course in my Facebook group called staymates via the URL located here. As you take this course, there are some things I assume you know or have experience with. I've created a very simple course that touches lightly on the basics of Facebook application development and why Facebook is important in your software development. If you don't yet have knowledge of setting up an app on Facebook or don't know things, like where the developer documentation is or what Open Graph protocol is, spend time there right now to prepare yourself for this course. The first module of this course will touch lightly on a few things you learn from getting started with Facebook application development. But from there, you'll be on your own as I get into more advanced topics. It's very important you watch my earlier course before taking this one unless you like figuring things out on your own. You can take that course at the short URL which goes to pluralsite. com stay. am/psfacebook1, that's stay. am/psfacebook1. If anything it might be a good refresher to get you started.