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Introduction to the Facebook Graph API

by Jesse Stay

Everything you need to know to build your first Facebook App. This course extends Jesse Stay's previous Introduction to Facebook Development course and takes you to a fully functional social app in Facebook.

What you'll learn

There's a good chance almost everyone you know is on Facebook. Over 1 billion people in the world use Facebook today. That means most of your customers probably use it. Therefore your apps should be using it as well. In this course by Jesse Stay, you'll go beyond the fundamentals and create a fully-functioning app in JavaScript that integrates social design principles and makes your app a much less lonely experience. If you're looking to promote your app, this is the easiest way to build an app that naturally promotes itself and grows on its own!

About the author

Jesse Stay is a speaker, author, blogger, and entrepreneur, who writes and consults on the topics of social media and new media architecture, bridging the gap between "technical" and "social" for both marketers and developers. Jesse has written four books -- his latest two, Facebook Application Development For Dummies, and the recently released Google+ For Dummies show the breadth of knowledge Jesse has to offer. Jesse was also named one of 20 developers to follow on Twitter and one of 10 entre... more

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