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Beginning After Effects CC

by Jeff Hurd

Learn After Effects the right way by completing real animations and following an entertaining scenario story arc. This course will prepare you to make your own animated promotional video for websites, trade-shows or additions to PowerPoint presentations.

What you'll learn

Adobe's After Effects is the industry-leading solution for creating animations, motion graphics and visual effects. Learn the basics and more by being hands-on with real industry animations and following an entertaining scenario story arc. Beginning After Effects CC will walk you through the essential skills you need to animate everything from text and shapes to simple character animations. This course will also help you build a solid foundation in common workflows and easily break down a complex animation into manageable pieces.

About the author

Jeff Hurd is a Product Manager based in Chicago. He has been an author of creative courses for Pluralsight and Digital Tutors since 2014, where he emphasizes scenario based learning. His portfolio includes work for: Stouffers, Groupon, Radio Flyer, Porsche, Howl at the Moon, Four Loko and State Farm.

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