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Best Practices For Effective Requirements Gathering

by Michael Krasowski

This course will teach you tools and techniques to improve your requirements gathering skills.

What you'll learn

Taking a deeper, richer examination at developing requirements is key to further refine and improve the quality of your requirement outcomes and deliver more value to your customers.

In this course, Best Practices for Effective Requirements Gathering, you will learn how to enhance your business analysis skills, approaches, and techniques to advance your essential requirement gathering capabilities and practices.

First, you will delve into a holistic view of requirements, exploring just how your role of gathering, documenting, prioritizing, and communication requirements can make or break a project or even a company. Then, you will discover how the context type of a requirement can influence your approach to success.

Next, you will explore the secret to developing quality requirements through nurturing and cultivating relationships with your colleagues.

Finally, you will learn how business analysts can advance your career regarding requirements activities normally focused on an individual system and take the next step in professional growth with requirements analysis at the business unit level or across an enterprise. When you are finished with this course, you will have the necessary skills and knowledge of how to deliver a higher quality of requirement outcomes in order to add more value for your customers.

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About the author

Michael is a consultant and Pluralsight author. He recently traded the corporate world of Accenture back into his passion: IT professional development and authoring for Pluralsight. Previous to Accenture, Michael was General Manager of Fairway Technologies Inc. at the Orange County offices located in Irvine, California. In 2017, Fairway Technologies acquired PDSA Inc., where Michael was Vice President/COO at PDSA, Inc. His responsibilities were to manage all projects and personnel while ensurin... more

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