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99% of Your IoT Data Is Worthless, but Which 99%?

by Big Data LDN

Big Data LDN 2019 | 99% of Your Iot Data Is Worthless, but Which 99%? | Guy Adams

What you'll learn

Organisations are paralyzed by the volume of time series (IoT) data currently being generated. There's too much data to transfer from devices over expensive bandwidth and databases are growing too large to quickly and effectively interrogate. But, what if 99% of that data could simply be thrown away? Datalytyx CTO, Guy Adams, will explain how our software, Gallium, delivers 99% accuracy using only 1% of the source data. You'll learn: The reasons why organisations are not able to leverage the vast amount of data they are collecting, how currently accepted methods of data reduction sacrifice accuracy for speed, and how Gallium makes it possible to work with huge volumes of data to get accurate information in a fraction of the time.

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99% of Your Iot Data Is Worthless, but Which 99%?

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