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Building Predictive Maintenance Solutions

by Big Data LDN

Big Data LDN 2019 | Building Predictive Maintenance Solutions for High-speed Hitachi Trains in the UK | Dr. Agne Gvozdevaite

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There are numerous and varying definitions of DataOps, a new methodology which helps businesses effectively use their data to drive innovation and secure competitive advantage. However, no definition fails to mention the importance of metadata for the DataOps strategy - it is essential for data management, governance, and provenance. In the face of newfound necessities of edge computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), and statistical expressions of Artificial Intelligence (AI), there are shifts occurring in metadata management that require further attention. For this reason, in this session Dr. Agne Gvozdevaite will discuss the importance and best practice of DataOps metadata management for now and the future.

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Building Predictive Maintenance Solutions

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