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Knowing Yourself and Others Through the Big Five Personality Traits

by Shreya Shah

This course will teach you the Big Five personality traits and their facets. You'll use these to classify people into 32 types and analyze specific personality types from within those 32 from the point­of-view of working with such individuals.

What you'll learn

Knowing how to understand and analyze your own personality and of those around you will greatly help to lead a happy life and aim for career growth. That's where the big five personality traits help. The Big Five personality traits have been developed after decades of assessing and analyzing human behavior to break it down to the simplest and most logical form. Unlike other personality assessments, the Big Five do not need an arcane test and can be intuitively applied. In this course, Knowing Yourself and Others Through the Big Five Personality Traits, you'll learn how to get to know yourself and others through the big five personality traits. First, you'll discover the Big Five OCEAN traits and their facets. Next, you'll explore the traits that DO help in the workplace and those that DON'T. Finally, you'll learn a categorization of people into 32 types based on a simple yes-no classification along each trait and analyze of a few of the most interesting of those 32 personality types. By the end of this course, you'll understand how to use the knowledge of the Big Five personality traits to understand those around you, maybe even more importantly, to understand yourself.

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About the author

Shreya is a Chartered Accountant and spent the early part of her career working on statutory audits of large corporations. Her true passion lays in creating content, and in using video as a means of expression. So, after spending 4 years in audit, she decided to quit and pursue her passion of teaching and video making at Loonycorn, an ed-tech startup creating high quality educational and non-educational video content. She's been interested in mindfulness for several years and helped put tog... more

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