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Software Development: The Big Picture

by Floyd May

Success in software development requires far more than just coding skills. This course will teach you the basics of how high-quality software is produced, from requirements to delivery and beyond.

What you'll learn

There's far more to successful software development than simply writing code. In this course, Software Development: The Big Picture, you'll gain an understanding of how high-quality software is produced. First, you'll explore how requirements, scope, and timeline are managed. Next, you'll discover how software teams work together to produce software. Finally, you'll learn how quality and culture impact the process of building software. When you're finished with this course, you'll have a general understanding of the roles, responsibilities, and skills that comprise the software development process.

About the author

Floyd is, through and through, a programmer at heart. He began programming at age 9 drawing pictures with the Logo programming language, and has been in love with programming ever since. His development background includes both native and web UIs, high-performance server logic, intricate multithreaded network I/O, and big data processing. Floyd has created software for many industries: precision agriculture, GIS, finance, commodities trading, oil & gas, digital imaging, document intelligence, an... more

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