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Preparing Reality Capture Data for BIM

by Dejan Skenderovic

This course will help you to master the major data formats for reality capture being used today for surveying above ground, and also master the ways of preparing these for use in BIM environments like Revit. Software required: Autodesk Recap 360.

What you'll learn

Reality capture data digitally connects engineers with the building site before the project even starts. The context it provides is crucial for everyone involved, from architects to facility managers. This course, Preparing Reality Capture Data for BIM, will help you to understand and use the different kinds of data formats used for reality capture today. First, you'll learn how laser scanning and photogrammetry work. Next, you'll learn about automatic and manual 3D reconstruction of images. Finally, you'll cover how to prepare 3D laser scanner point cloud data for 3D modeling software. At the end of this course, you'll understand what reality capture data formats to use and when, and you'll be able to prepare them for BIM environments. Software required: Autodesk Recap 360.

About the author

Dejan is an architect and BIM enthusiast dedicated to making project development in architecture open for the digital age, understandable for all the involved parties, and most importantly communication friendly for teams scattered across the globe.He believes that the evolution of architectural language, backed up by digital tools and services is the key factor in bringing us closer to building everything around us more efficiently, fluently, and environmentally friendly.

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