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Aug 20, 2014
2h 29m

In this training, we'll learn about the WordPress platform and how to use it to create a themed blog from start to finish. We'll learn how to choose and customize a theme by changing the look and feel and adding widgets, posts, and pages to our blog. We'll also take things to the next level by adjusting our settings to create a custom home page and using a custom domain or site address for our blog. Throughout the course, we'll also talk about tips and tricks like how to format content, engage visitors, and create compelling headings for posts. After watching this training, you'll be equipped with everything you need to know to get up and running with your own WordPress blog. This course was created with individuals who have never had their own blog in mind. Software required: web browser,

About the author
About the author

Susan is a web design author for Pluralsight. Growing up, Susan was both a passionate artist as well as a computer tech aficionado. When she discovered the world of web development, she found that she could meld those two passions together into something amazing. Soon after, Susan began devoting herself to building beautiful and functional web content for businesses and nonprofits. It was through those experiences Susan developed a fluency for web coding languages.

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