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Introduction to the Boost C++ Libraries

by Dmitri Nesteruk

An introductory course on the Boost C++ libraries.

What you'll learn

This course gives an overview of Boost: a set of C++ libraries designed to cover some of the functionality that's missing from the STL. This course covers the libraries that are used for storing optional values (Boost.Optional), reading program options (Boost.ProgramOptions), storing any type of value in a generic container (Boost.Any), implementing the signal/slot paradigm (a.k.a Observer pattern) (Boost.Signals2), working with the local file system (Boost.Filesystem), and also covers an assortment of smaller libraries including Boost string algorithms, Boost.Bimap, and Boost.Units.

About the author

Dmitri Nesteruk is a quantitative analyst, developer, speaker, and podcaster. His interests lie in software development and integration practices in the areas of computation, quantitative finance, and algorithmic trading. He is an instructor of an entry-level course in Quantitative Finance. His technological interests include C#, F#, and C++ programming as well high-performance computing using technologies such as CUDA. He has been a C# MVP since 2009.

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