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Boost Productivity Through Employee Happiness

by Kylie Bragg

By changing the way we work, interact with colleagues, and lead our teams, we can provide both ourselves and our organization with the competitive edge. This course helps you to understand why happiness in the workplace matters, where the biggest downfalls usually are, and how you can implement strategies to improve happiness within your team and organization.

What you'll learn

This is a short course designed to help you build a business case for change by looking at the importance of happiness and its impact on the bottom line, why it can go so wrong, provide some ideas and tools that you can implement, as well as guidance around the implementation process itself. When unhappiness costs over $1 trillion in lost productivity globally, doing nothing is not an option. By the end of this course, you’ll have the requisite insights, tools, case studies, and tactics to identify what your team or organization needs to improve happiness and productivity and how to move forward. Reference materials and useful links are also provided for further information.

About the author

Kylie’s passion is in enabling workplaces to become happy, productive, and engaging environments where talented people come together to do what they do best. This passion arose after seeing the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of corporate office environments, and of her own eclectic experiences arising from 15+ years in the corporate property industry. A Town Planner by trade, Kylie has worked in various Director-level and Department Head roles including in Strategy, Client Relationship Man... more

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