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Boosting Innovation: How Leaders Can Create Innovative Teams

by Jason Alba

Successfully executed innovation can give your team or organization a great competitive advantage. This course helps leaders find, create, and nurture innovation on their teams with dozens of actionable ideas you can implement right now.

What you'll learn

Technology has leveled the playing field in many industries. What we can build seems to be limited only by our imagination, which makes innovation and creativity as valuable as ever. In this course, Boosting Innovation: How Leaders Can Create Innovative Teams, you will learn how you, as a leader, can harness your team’s creative potential to be more competitive and stay relevant amidst the rapidly changing landscape of business. First, you will learn how to identify mindset challenges that are impeding innovation and start thinking about innovation differently. Next, you will explore ideas on how to create an environment where innovation thrives and where it is a natural part of your team’s value proposition. Finally, you will discover some seemingly crazy strategies that could have a real impact on building a highly-innovative team. When you are finished with this course, you will have enough ideas, tips, suggestions, and permission to be the leader who inspires your team to innovative greatness.

About the author

Jason Alba has been a Pluralsight Author since 2012, specializing in soft skills and professional development. He started his IT career as an intern developing tools for a robust intranet. He transitioned to an IT manager at another company where his job included web development as well as other IT functions. After an acquisition Jason became VP and then general manager at a newly formed tech company. He founded and manages, a CRM for job seekers. Jason has authored three books.... more

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