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Bootstrap 5 Components: Playbook

by Jill Gundersen

This course will teach you about the many components Bootstrap has to offer and help you utilize those components in order to make UI development easier and quicker.

What you'll learn

Bootstrap has many components that can be overwhelming to learn and understand. In this course, Bootstrap 5 Components: Playbook, you’ll learn to understand and utilize the Bootstrap components to create a web site with a streamlined appearance in a timely manner. First, you’ll explore general class styles to add color and enhancements to buttons, and unordered lists. Next, you’ll discover site wide components such as navigation, pagination, and breadcrumbs. Finally, you’ll learn how to layout modules of information with the card component. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Bootstrap components needed to produce a visually appealing site in minimal time.

About the author

Jill is a freelance software developer who works on all things technical and loves it. Her main development focus has been on web applications utilizing Microsoft technologies or the LAMP stack depending on her client's needs. Jill enjoyed her time teaching at the local college, but now is focused on teaching students via her Pluralsight courses. And, if you were wondering, Han shot first.

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