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BizTalk 2009 Fundamentals

by Matt Milner

Learn how to automate business processes and solve enterprise integration problems using BizTalk Server

What you'll learn

Despite the trend towards service-oriented architectures, most organizations do not have the luxury of moving all of their investments in that direction at once. The fact is most will have to deal with legacy applications for some time to come. And to complicate matters further, typical business processes transcend multiple heterogeneous applications making them difficult to automate. In this course we look at how to use BizTalk Server (BTS) to bridge such integration gaps and simplify business process automation. By combining the connectivity provided by its messaging engine with the productivity provided by its orchestration engine, BizTalk Server can help you tackle tough business process scenarios in your connected systems today.

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About the author

Matt is an independent consultant with expertise in web application design and development and systems integration. As a writer, Matt has contributed to several journals and magazines such as MSDN Magazine. Matt regularly shares his love of technology by speaking at local, regional, and international conferences such as DevWeek, Prairie Dev Con, That Conference, and VS Live. As a Pluralsight Author, Matt has created more than 30 courses on the topics of web, mobile, and cloud development.

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