Build a Video Indexer with Microsoft Azure Cognitive Service

by Niraj Joshi

This course will teach you how to analyze video using Azure cloud AI offering called Video Indexer. Video Indexer can analyze video, extract transcripts, sentiments, translations, and other metadata.

What you'll learn

Extracting insights from the video is quite critical and an organization needs state of the art Artificial Intelligence Offering to reap them. This course will introduce you to a video analytics service called Video Indexer in Azure. In this course, Build a Video Indexer with Microsoft Azure Cognitive Service, you’ll learn to analyze videos. First, you’ll explore how to upload videos in the indexer service. Next, you’ll discover, read, and edit people’s identity, sentiments, and translations. Finally, you’ll learn how to connect to the indexer API using Jupyter Notebooks, and extract information using the indexer SDK. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of the video indexer service of Azure AI needed to learn video analytics.

Table of contents

Course Overview
Extracting Insights with Video Indexer Service
Applying Inbuilt Models for Extracting Insights

About the author

Niraj has extensive experience with coding, architecting and consulting experience with data warehousing/ artificial intelligence/ machine learning/ visualization skillsets.

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