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Building APEX Applications with Different Data Formats

by Tim Boles

In this course, you will gain a fundamental understanding of the capabilities of Oracle Application Express (APEX). Even if you don’t know anything about APEX by the end of this course you know how to build a fully responsive web application.

What you'll learn

You need a simple data application, but you or your direct team has no coding experience. Not to worry! In this course, Building APEX Applications with Different Data Formats, you will learn foundational knowledge of Oracle Application Express. First, you will quickly build a fully responsive web application within a few minutes without any coding. Then, you will explore how to enhance the application by adding new pages, Finally, you will creating new reports and link pages together within your application. By the end of this course, you will have a firm understanding of how to build an application to track status, tasks, projects and milestones using APEX.

About the author

Tim Boles is an Oracle Database Administrator with over 18 years experience. He has worked with every version of Oracle since version 7. His professional specialties include Operations and Management in high value systems, Oracle database backup & recovery and providing database managed services to clients.

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