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Building an Application with Azure Service Fabric Mesh

by Ivan Gavryliuk

Get up to speed with the latest microservice framework from Microsoft Azure Service Fabric Mesh, which completely removes the need for infrastructure management and follows open standards for microservice orchestration.

What you'll learn

At the core of containers and microservices is a thorough knowledge of Azure Service Fabric Mesh. In this course, Building an Application with Azure Service Fabric Mesh, you will first learn foundational knowledge of Service Fabric Mesh programming models. Next, you will explore state management. Finally, you’ll discover the basics of scaling, networking, and routing. When you are finished with this course you will have the skills and knowledge to create complex microservice applications straight away, without an overhead of creating or managing any kind of infrastructure.

About the author

Ivan is a technical architect and independent cloud consultant based in London, UK with over 15 years of experience in designing and developing applications on a wide range of stacks, primarily but not limited to Microsoft. Although, his preferred specialization is backend architecture and cloud computing, Ivan has worked professionally with just about every major Microsoft technology. Today, he's excited about public clouds especially Microsoft Azure, and spreading the knowledge around scalable... more

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