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Building Real World Applications with Elm

by Alex Korban

This course, Building Real World Applications with Elm, is for web developers who are familiar with the basics of Elm and would like to deepen their knowledge in order to create real world applications.

What you'll learn

Learning to build complex applications in Elm can be challenging because the solutions can look unfamiliar compared to the mainstream frameworks. This course, Building Real World Applications with Elm, will show developers how to solve real world problems in Elm. First, you will learn about the capabilities provided by Elm, functional programming and the Elm tools for managing code, builds and deployment. Next, the course will show how to perform the essential tasks of web development: creating complex UIs, working with servers, parsing JSON, interoperating with JavaScript APIs and libraries. Finally, you will explore the tools and techniques for ensuring their applications are bug free, including Elm’s time-travelling debugger, writing unit and fuzz tests and design approaches for preventing errors. By the end of this course, you will have a solid foundation for building applications in Elm.

About the author

Alex Korban is an author and consultant with an interest in functional programming, databases and geospatial applications. He co-founded a company to visualize geospatial data and wrote several books.

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