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Building Custom GitHub Actions

by Enrico Campidoglio

GitHub Actions is the official automation solution for GitHub projects. Unlock its full potential by creating your own custom actions. This course will teach you how to build real-world GitHub Actions using TypeScript and Docker.

What you'll learn

GitHub Actions is the official automation solution and sets it apart from other products in the same category is the fact that it's deeply integrated with the GitHub platform. This means you can use it not only for CI/CD, but to automate other parts of your workflow as well. While there's a lot you can do with GitHub Actions out of the box, every project has its own set of needs. The best way to make GitHub Actions fit your project, then, is by creating your own custom actions. In this course, Building Custom GitHub Actions, you will gain an understanding of how GitHub Actions work and how they integrate with the rest of the GitHub platform. First, you will learn triaging issues, requesting code reviews, merging Pull Requests and even creating releases. Next, you will discover how to create real-world GitHub Actions from the ground up using either TypeScript or Docker. Finally, You will explore the pros and cons of TypeScript vs. Docker actions and how to choose the one that makes the most sense in a given scenario. By the end of this course, you will be able to take full advantage of the GitHub Actions platform by creating your own custom actions.

About the author

Enrico took his first programming steps with the Logo turtle on an Olivetti M24 that his father had brought home. Since then, he has spent most of his time in the Microsoft and Java camps, writing everything from command-line utilities to large distributed systems. He is also a speaker and a trainer teaching topics such as Object-oriented design, architecture, TDD, BDD, Continuous Delivery, PowerShell and Git. In his spare time, Enrico contributes to AutoFixture — an open source .NET library fo... more

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