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10 Ways to Build Web Services in .NET

by Chad McCallum

Using 10 different web frameworks and client libraries to build and use web services in .NET

What you'll learn

With the new-found popularity of single-page applications, smartphone applications, and multi-device experiences, web services are becoming increasingly important in the infrastructure of the web and applications. This course will present a few different ways that web services may be created within the .NET framework, ranging from ASMX web services all the way to MVC4 Web API. We will also look at a handful of options available to connect to those web services from a client application. Both Microsoft.NET framework as well as open source options will be explored.

Table of contents

Course Introduction
Course Review

About the author

Chad McCallum is a software developer with 7 years of .NET experience. After graduating from SIAST Kelsey Campus, he's come back to his hometown and started HackREGINA, a hackathon aimed at strengthening the developer community while coding and drinking beer. Currently focusing on single-page applications with JavaScript.

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