Building Your First Data Pipeline in Azure Data Factory

by Emilio Melo

Data Engineering is one of the hottest topics on IT right now, as the velocity, volume, and variety of data nowadays require skills beyond just traditional ETL. In this course, you'll learn the basic concepts needed to work with Azure Data Factory.

What you'll learn

Nowadays data is everywhere, and companies are increasingly interested on transforming this data on insights that can help them become more efficient and productive. In this course, Building Your First Data Pipeline in Azure Data Factory, you will learn foundational knowledge on Azure Data Factory, Microsoft's main response to Data Engineering in the cloud. First, you will learn the concepts needed to create your own pipelines. Next, you will be introduced to data movement and transformation on ADF. Finally, you will see an example of using Data Factory to orchestrate activities to external compute resources. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of Azure Data Factory needed to understand data movement, orchestration, and transformation activities.

About the author

Emilio Melo is a globetrotting IT professional with projects in over 15 countries, mostly focused on Microsoft software. After 15 years of On Premises experience in Infrastructure, Data and Collaboration, he became fascinated by Cloud technologies and the incredible transformation potential it brings.

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