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Building a High-performance Team

by Dragana Hadzic

Every leader wants their team to perform well. This course will teach you how to build a high-performance team when starting from scratch, raising the bar for an already formed team, or coping with different challenges that can influence the results.

What you'll learn

Although many teams want to be high-performing, only some of them reach this state. Have you ever thought about what makes the difference and how you can help a team to be at its best? In this course, Building a High-performance Team, you’ll determine how to empower a team to achieve that coveted state. First, you will learn what a high-performance team truly is, what typical stages of a dynamic team life are, and how they influence the performance. Next, you’ll discover how to successfully start and build a new team - set the goals, select the members, and create the initial setup. Then, you’ll explore how to achieve high performance with an already formed team, by making the assessment, building and sustaining team health, and coping with challenging situations when the need arises. Finally, you’ll recognize some common external challenges and how to respond in a planned and controlled manner. When you’re finished with this course, you'll have the knowledge, ideas, and tools to understand and lead your team from its creation, one step at a time, to the state of high performance.

About the author

Dragana is an Agile Consultant and founder at Adaptive, passionate about empowering teams and organizations to succeed. For more than a decade, she has been helping global software teams and various companies to implement Agile and other organizational practices, deliver successful projects and create software products. Over that time, she has been acting in different technical and leadership roles. Master of Computer Science by education, Dragana is also PSM 1, PSM 2, PSM 3, Prince 2, ITIL, A... more

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