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Building a Java Test Automation Framework from Scratch

by Andrejs Doronins

Do you have some experience in Java and maintaining simple automated tests, but not the confidence to start a test automation framework from scratch? This course will teach you how to build one from the ground up!

What you'll learn

Making small simple changes to existing code is usually something that junior programmers find easier compared to writing an entire project from scratch. A blank project is like an invisible wall, but once you overcome it and write your first 5 or 10 classes of working code, it gets easier.

In this course, Building a Java Test Automation Framework from Scratch, you'll learn how to create a framework from the ground up. First, you'll get hands-on experience on how to set up the necessary Java and other tools and how to pull everything together to create a proper working environment. Next, you'll explore how to write your first automated web API and UI tests with nothing but a blank file as a starting point. Finally, as the project grows, you'll discover how to properly refactor and scale your test automation effort by making it a multi-module Maven project.

When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skill and knowledge of starting automated test projects - a must-have skills of any senior test automation engineer.

About the author

Andrejs is a Quality Assurance professional with over 6 years of experience. He specializes in Test Automation but does not neglect the importance of getting involved in the Software Development Life Cycle early - finding issues during requirements analysis is as important as doing manual and exploratory testing. He is experienced in writing unit, integration and acceptance tests for a wide number of technologies and contexts - from browser automation to the Web API layer and all the way to test... more

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