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Building a Linux Server for Ruby on Rails Development

by Jim Pickrell

This course covers how to build a server or virtual server for Ruby on Rails Development using Fedora, Ubuntu, or CentOS Linux.

What you'll learn

Build a server or virtual server for Ruby on Rails Development. In this course, we will use Fedora, Ubuntu, or CentOS Linux to set up a server. Virtual Box will be used to create virtual servers. We will install and configure SSHD, vsftpd, Apache, MySQL, SQLite, and PostgreSQL. We will install multiple versions of Ruby using RVM, and we will install Ruby on Rails 4.1. We will then build a simple project to test our server, and then create a clone image that can be used for future projects. If you follow along, at the end you will have a server ready for Ruby on Rails development.

Table of contents


About the author

Jim Pickrell teaches at Los Angeles City College and is president of Brand X Internet, a local internet service in Santa Monica. He studied at the University of Washington, UCLA, and the Technical University of Munich. He programs in C, C++, Ruby on Rails, Objective C, Perl, Fortran, Java, Javascript, and Assembler. Clients over the years include: Blue Origin, AMI/Stark Aerospace, the City of Santa Monica, the Directors Guild of America and numerous others. He is currently working o... more

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