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Building Apps with Azure Mobile Svcs, SignalR, MVC, Win 8 and WP8

by Colin Melia

Getting started converging Windows Azure Mobile Services, Windows 8, Windows Phone, MVC and SignalR.

What you'll learn

This course demonstrates how several technologies can be brought together to form the basis of a solution for real-world retail scenarios, including Windows Azure Mobile Services, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Windows Azure Websites, MVC, Entity Framework, jQuery and SignalR.

About the author

Colin Melia is known as an architect, entrepreneur, trainer, speaker and author with deep and broad knowledge of the latest Microsoft technologies, proven problem solving skills, hands-on solution creation ingenuity and the ability to communicate rich and complex ideas at both the developer and board level. He also has the role of Microsoft Regional Director and has received the Microsoft MVP award for several years. Using his XAML and .NET expertise, his company Ace of Clouds, put apps in the W... more

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