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Building PowerShell 5 Security Tools in a Windows Environment

by Adam Bertram

System administrators aren't on the information security team, but by using the security tools you'll be building in this course in PowerShell, the security team will want to know where you got your skills!

What you'll learn

IT security is everyone's responsibility. System administrators and IT professionals aren't information security gurus but they still need the tools to be an organization's first line of defense. In this course, Building PowerShell 5 Security Tools in a Windows Environment, you will gain the ability to build PowerShell scripts and modules to discover potential and real security threats in your organization through reporting and change management. First, you will learn how to parse the Windows event log and query for and apply Windows patches. Next, you will discover to detect various changes in your environment. Finally, you will explore how to how to encrypt and decrypt sensitive information with PowerShell. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of building PowerShell tools to query for and remediate common security threats needed to secure your IT organization.

About the author

Adam Bertram is an independent consultant, technical writer, trainer, and presenter. Adam specializes in consulting and evangelizing all things IT automation, mainly focused around Windows PowerShell. Adam is a Microsoft Windows PowerShell MVP, 2015 powershell.org PowerShell hero, and has numerous Microsoft IT pro certifications. He authors IT pro course content for Pluralsight, is a regular contributor to numerous print, and online publications and presents at various user groups and conference... more

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