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Building Realtime AngularJS Controls

by Mark Zamoyta

Learn to build six visual, realtime controls using Angular and front-end technologies such as Google Charts, Google Maps, and standard HTML5. We’ll work with four different sources of realtime data: SignalR, NodeJS, Firebase, and PubNub. You will also learn how to integrate these controls into a realtime dashboard with widgets.

What you'll learn

We’ll build six Angular controls, each consisting of a service to connect to a realtime data source, and a custom directive. The controls will be built as stand-alone components and we will also integrate them into a dashboard as widgets. The first three controls we’ll build will utilize Google Charts and receive realtime data from a SignalR server. These controls are a gauge, a line chart, and a candlestick chart, which is common for showing stock prices. The fourth control will be used for monitoring security information, making use of HTML5 with a NodeJS back end. The fifth control will use Google Maps with a Firebase back end. The final control will use an HTML5 interface and consume a realtime PubNub Tweet service.

Table of contents

About the author

Mark started in the developer world over 25 years ago. He began his career with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from St. Johns University. After spending 10 years on Wall Street working for Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers and other major investment banks, Mark became interested in animation and video game software. He has written numerous mobile apps and games for clients including Electronic Arts and Yahoo! Games. Some of his popular mobile titles include Yahtzee, Yahoo! Chess, and Yah... more

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